Use of Logo and Trademark

The Williams Chamber introduced new branding which was developed based on the following criteria:

  • Bold, different, more corporate and professional
  • Differentiates us from other metro Atlanta Chambers
  • Reflects an image similar to the high-technology companies we are trying to attract
  • Represent the Chamber’s reputation, tradition and mission of bringing everyone together for the good of the community, especially the four primary  sectors of business, government, education, and healthcare.
  • Represent what the chamber is for: work, play, live, grow.
  • Reflect the Chamber’s role as a hub "connecting the community”.
  • Use a font that is much bolder (Prominently projects Gwinnett) and cleaner
  • Include a palette of colors that the Chamber brand owns, but creates variety for materials.

The Chamber's new logo and Trademark are protected by copyright law and is being made available to current Chamber Members as well as members of the media.




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