This year will not be business as usual, but rather business like we have never seen. The business of building the foundation, or infrastructure for future growth isn’t the quick fix that some would rather see. It is the slow sustainable growth which takes the big picture into mind and takes the steps in logical order to get us there.

The City of Williams and the Chamber of Commerce work hand in hand to build growth that is good for business. To some, that may seem like we work more for government than for business interests, but moving forward in this day and age requires consensus among entities to get where you need to go. Water, housing, workforce development, and tourism marketing challenges make progress extremely complex. Talk to any of your City Council or Chamber Board members, and you won’t find anyone who is not for smart business growth. Your city and Chamber are working together to take us through those crucial steps.

Our non-profit organizations and volunteers are another source of community pride, and this year we have been asked to participate in a community wide meeting of each organization so that we can find some common goals to achieve together. This is an outstanding example of consensus building. Our community benefits tremendously from the support for the projects that our organizations bring to our great city.

The Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce is working to bring new and enhanced benefits to your business with an improved business office, shop local program, on-line advertising opportunities, more visual representation on our membership listing through photographic representation, worker’s compensation group benefits, and regular surveys to get your input on issues. The Chamber is as strong as the participation of its businesses.

We continue to work diligently on legislative issues at the State Capital, as well as national issues. Your membership to the Chamber this year will include membership to the U.S. Chamber with all the benefits of information that show you how business is impacted on a national level, and what we can do to show support locally. Their national surveys are crucial in determining the “state of business” and issues common to small and big business.

We work for the Chamber members, Economic Development, tourism marketing, and community interests. Our business leadership truly cares about preserving the small town feeling, yet supporting bigger projects like the Arizona State Railroad Museum. We have many opportunities before us, and look forward to your input and regular communication on these important issues and projects. We value your business and it is our sincere desire to see our current and future businesses prosper.

Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement:

To effectively serve our community by promoting diverse economic growth, prosperity, and enhanced quality of life.

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