Economic Conditions and Outlook

Tourism accounts for the majority of economic activity for the City of Williams.  The tourism industry continues to show steady growth.  Williams is the home of the Grand Canyon Railway, which began operations in 1089.  Annual ridership has increased steadily since the company's inception.

Demand for residential real estate has slowed with the national housing downturn.  Growth in the surrounding unincorporated areas has also slowed.

Construction activity within the community continued.  Numerous remodeling projects and investment continue in the downtown business districts.

Major Initiatives

  • The community's major initiative and number one priority is to develop an additional water source.  The City's current water supply is obtained from five surface reservoirs and two deep water wells.  The City is committed to developing new wells until the goal of 1000 gallons per minute derived  from ground water is obtained.
  • Upgrades were made at the transfer station to increase capacity.
  • The dispatch communications center in the police department was completely upgraded. 
  • Improvements to the city dam were completed.  Capacity of the key reservoir was enlarged and the existing dam was strengthened with a downstream buttress.
  • Construction was completed on the new wastewater treatment plant. The $12.5 million dollar plant will have a daily capacity of 980,000 gallons per day.
  • Construction of two major roadways will be completed this year.  Country Club Road will be rebuilt to serve the needs of the new subdivision in the area. A new frontage road north of Interstate 40 will connect Grand Canyon Boulevard and Airport Road.  This project will allow for new commercial development north of interstate 40.

Future Plans

  • Continued work on development additional water sources will remain the top priority for the City until complete.  Other projects include re-paving city streets and continuing the street maintenance and sidewalk program.
  • The City is also planning several recreational projects to enhance the quality of life in our community.  The rodeo grounds area will be improved by adding additional amentities.  Improvements to several city parks including Buckskinner Park are being planned.
  • The City has plans to construct a community convention center at the golf course.  The Arizona State Railroad museum is planning on locating a $24,000,000 facility within the community.  The city is investigating funding options for the museum.



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