Did you know that the average person can recycle 50% or more of their "trash". By doing so, you can help extend the life of current landfulls and reduce the need for new landfills.

Recycle containers have been placed throughout Williams, and recycling can be taken to the Williams Transfer Station too!


The average person can compost 25-30% or more of their "trash". Like recycling, composting can help extend the life of current landfills, reduce your trash disposal expenses and at the same time create an excellent soil amendment for your garden.

Composting in Northern Arizona is easy; you can purchase composting bins locally by contacting the Chamber office and to find out more about composting click on this link -  Compost Info


As you know, water is a scarce commodity in Northern Arizona. Catching rainwater for irrigation and other domestic uses can help reduce the City's investment in water infrastructure and also reduce YOUR water bill!

In addition, rainwater is very soft and is great for clothes washing; find out more about catching water follow this link -  Rainwater Collection Information


If you're interested in building or remodeling in the Williams area, there are a number of local architects, builders and contractors with "green building" experience who can make your project energy-efficient and durable, by installing renewable energy and other sustainable systems.



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